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Our normal opening times resumed as of 3rd August, please refer to our Facebook page at Exley Opticians for the latest updates and news.

At the practice all staff members are wearing the appropriate PPE until the government states to do otherwise as well as carrying out sanitation process in between patients.

If you would like to book an appointment please call the practice on 01756 792 416 or for out of hours call or text 07815 048859.

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To all the Vanni and Dutz lovers! We will have the entire collection of these brands in store Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Pop in to have a browse. Below is a preview of some of the current Dutz frames.

To celebrate Kali’s 20th year in Optics, she is offering 20% discount on frames until the end of January. Please quote TWENTY when purchasing to get this offer. 

After school appointments on Thursdays 

We can now offer after school appointments from mid afternoon till late afternoon on Thursdays, the last appointment being at 6.00 PM .If you would like to book in please call us on 01756 792 416, alternatively email us to

The Exley Team

Christmas vouchers now available in store!

Are you out of present ideas this Christmas? Would you like to buy something useful that aren’t socks for the third year in a row ? Would you like to give something to your loved ones that will make them think of you every day? Well, I might just have the perfect idea for you! Glasses sometimes can be costly depending on prescription, lens brand and frame choice but if your loved ones need to wear glasses all the time or need to change them frequently, why not gift them a voucher of your chosen amount*. Our Christmas vouchers are now available in store. Give them the gift of sight!

* Minimum of £10, no upper limit.

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At Exley Opticians we believe sight to be the most important sense.

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At our practice, we provide the answer to your know-how questions about contact lenses.

The Favorites! Chosen by YOU!


For over twenty-five years VANNI has represented Italian style and design to the world of eyewear. A very original and ‘arty’ brand, using the most sumptuous of materials in Stainless Steels and unique Italian Acetates, this beautiful collection has been the winner of many awards across the globe and is a must see to truly appreciate its qualities VANNI is Italian design, 100% made in Italy and quality at its best.

DUTZ Eyewear

DUTZ Eyewear is a very distinctive brand, bursting with funky two- tone colours and finished in a Matt Stainless steel with Swiss coatings of the highest quality. Combine this with a eclectic mix of hand-made acetates and you have a real winner! It is the designers ambition to make every pair of glasses a real event …That’s Dutz Eyewear…Holland’s cheekiest brand of glasses.

Every child should have their eyes checked once a year. Here is why…

As more and more children require eye sight correction, many studies have been done in the quest to find out why!! Aside from hereditary factors, many believe that increased close work – playing on phones, tablets and other handheld devices coupled with lack of exposure to the sun and playing out are to blame. (The link is an interesting BBC article on such a study) At Exley Optician we welcome children of all ages, even the youngest who are tested at hospital can bring their prescription here. You will receive professional advice from a qualified Dispensing Optician who will make sure that frames are going to not only look good but fit well, and what lens type is best for the prescription. All lenses supplied to high prescriptions are specially surface to make sure they are as thin and light as possible at no extra charge. At the time of collection, time is taken to ensure that the frames are fitting correctly and any necessary adjustment done. We want your childs’ spectacle wearing experience to be as comfortable and hassle free as possible.

The Exley Team

Winter warming recipes to promote eye health

Carrot and Fennel Soup

There’s nothing like some warm, savory soup to dispel the winter blues, and this vegan carrot and fennel soup is perfect on a frosty day, as well as being great for your eyes. That’s because the beta-carotene in carrots helps protect the cells that make up your eyes. So unless you plan on deep-frying them, adding carrots to any recipe or meal is a good idea when it comes to eye health.   

Turkey Chili

Yes, we know what you’re thinking—chili doesn’t sound very healthy—but try this recipe and you might just be surprised. This gluten free, dairy free recipe includes white beans, sweet onions, tomato, and pumpkin, and of course, turkey. Turkey is rich in zinc, which helps enzymes that promote eye health, and it also contains niacin, which protects against cataracts.  

Did you know ?

Facts & Beliefs about glasses and eyesight

Number ONE – FACT However the first vision aid was created 1000 AD for the far sighted, called a

15 things that can cause damage to your eyes

1. NO SHADES Sunglasses won’t just make you look good. Exposing your bare eyes to the sun is actual


Would blindness as a born condition disappear in our lifetime?

Breakthrough in treating blindness. This subject is very close to my heart as the leading scientist working on this programme is Hungarian called Botond Roska. Him and his team aim to find ways to repair visual dysfunction which can lead to blindness. They investigate how the retina, thalamus, and cortex function at the level of cell types and circuits and they had some interesting findings.

AUSTRIAN = Trustworthy – Quality – Precision


The brand that has been at the forefront of rimless fashion for over 50 years is our favoured lightweight range. These glasses have a never ending variation of design. Any Silhouette mount can be chosen with any Silhouette lens shape, so “you can customise your glasses to your own bespoke style”. Once you own a Silhouette mount, you can always change your look by choosing a different lens shape when you reglaze. The frames are made of titanium and some are also 18k gold-plated with Swarovski Crystals. Silhouette sets new standards continuously by using only the best materials, latest technologies and compelling design. Every eyewear piece is a work of art. Rimless glasses will always be the optimal eyewear for those who seek a more minimal yet still fashionable look. The lenses – not just any lenses can be used in rimless glasses! Unlike the lenses used in full rim and semi-rimless frames, the lenses for your rimless glasses are going to be drilled, yes drilled….4 times on each lens for the push fit mounts to be inserted. The best lens materials to use are Trivex (1.53), Polycarbonate (1.59) or Hi-Index (1.67). These materials are suitable for drilling and will come with a manufacture 12 month warranty. To make your rimless spectacles as light as possible we recommend using 1.67, this will produce the lightest slimmest lenses possible to compliment your beautiful mount. Just like ordinary lenses they are of course available in Single Vision and Progressive, can be clear, tinted, photochromic or even polarised if you’d like them as a sunglass. Please remember, that you should never clean Silhouette glasses with wipes or cleansers that contain alcohol! Due to the lenses being drilled, the alcohol can damage your lens through the holes.


JVG is one of my (Lilla) personal favorite brands. I just love all the colours these frames represent. They are hand made and manufactured to a very high standard. There is around 60 different shapes and each shape comes in 5 different colour combinations to suit everyone’s needs and taste. Quoted from the brand’s original website: “Johann von Goisern are beautiful crafted hand made frames from the world heritage area of Bad Goisern in Austria. The colours which are within the frames have been enhanced by the clean fresh air and the wide open spaces from within the local area. The vision and passion of these beautiful crafted frames are inspired by a generation of the Pomberger family, from their grandfather to their father and now son. “Johann” refers to the first name of Johann Pomberger, the founder of our company. The second part of the brand name refers to the company’s location in “[Bad] Goisern”, which is also the birthplace of its founder Johann. The name “Johann von Goisern” as such emerged in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s and has since then always been used to describe part of the optical frames manufactured in our company in Bad Goisern. Although there have been many innovations and changes over the years, one aspect about us always stayed the same: “Johann von Goisern” still stands for highest quality and exceptional design. The frames are made from the best cellulose-acetate in the world, made by another famous family owned named Mazzucchelli 1849.”

Sports Eyewear Specialists

A fantastic range of frames and lenses to suit your favourite sporting pastime! Did you know that we can supply sports wraps to your prescription? Both single vision and progressive power lenses are available. Tints and lens types specific to your sport – photochromic, polarised, enhancing tints, anti-fog treatment, oleophobic/hydrophobic treatment…all with the ultimate in optical precision, UV protection and remarkable impact resistance

Our Ranges

A huge selection of fashion forward frames from our stylish designers

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