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What happens on an optical exhibition? I’d like to share my personal experience from this year’s optical expo, my first ever optical show which has taken place in London.

I’ll skip the part of the terrible train journey (or maybe won’t 🙂 ) we had to suffer through due to King’s Cross station being closed down for refurbishment works, not mentioning the huge signs at Leeds Station warning everyone to avoid going down to London on the exact weekend when we were to go for the exhibition. For somewhat an hour and a half I have managed to experience what it could feel like for he poor herrings in a tin. Standing on the train for that length of time wouldn’t been a problem if there is sufficient air supply but it kind of felt like you had to battle for every breath you take, at least I have got to share this experience with Kali, who have put on a brave face and despite the aches that was caused due to the screws in her foot (from a previous operation) she has stood for most of the journey. Once we got to London another hour of underground travel awaited us and the we finally reached our destination, a quick freshen up at the hotel and we headed straight to the exhibition.


Now if you have been to London Excel, you know the size of the building, it is huge, I mean really huge. The optical show has only taken up one big showroom, but as we were walking down I’ve seen that many more exhibitors used the facilities of this extraordinary building. As we got to our gate, a quick check on our badges then in we went through a built alleyway, in style on a red carpet to the main landing of the exhibition.

Dozens and dozens of optical exhibitors displayed their products during this long weekend. Walking from one stand to the other, you slowly get overwhelmed with all the beautiful frames and designs. Colours everywhere in all sort of shapes and sizes, some of which we will have in our store during this year, just to mention a few Wolf Eyewear, Lara D, JVG, Vanni and Dutz, 1921.

The exhibition also had a runway show three times a day which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can watch the video from the runway on our Facebook page.

All in all, I can say it was a great first experience, which allowed me to meet some lovely people in an absolutely amazing setting with music and a great range of products.



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