After a thorough eye examination, not only you will get your prescription, but you can have a chat with one of our members about the use of contact lenses.

Contact lenses are available for most (but not all) prescriptions, like glasses they can correct long sight (hyperopia) or short sightedness (myopia). Contact lenses cannot correct your vision as accurately as your spectacles – but do have the advantage of not fogging up – so you may like to wear them occasionally for sports, holidays or family celebrations.

The first step to purchasing your first CL is to have a trial – we’ll put lenses into your eyes and further asses the fit and your vision.

Step two – I&R: Insert and Removal. You will be taught how to safely get the contact lens in and out without causing damage to your eyes. Once you have demonstrated that you can do this – twice – you will be given a trial set to take home, and can then order your first supply.

Unfortunately due to legal regulations we are unable to provide contact lenses to patients without an I&R session.

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