Lastly it is me, Lilla. The other receptionist at Exleys. Well, I am from Hungary, and lived in England in the past 7 years.

I worked with the team for almost two years now, sharing the job with Joy. Other than the reception and administration duties, I am responsible for mostly everything you see online from Exleys. I keep you updated on new arrivals, and I edit our web page as well.

During this two years I have learnt so much in this job, for which I will be greatful for a long time. Kali was a great teacher who showed me the ways into optics, Joy is a fabulous colleague who’s stories and always positive attitude brightened my days, and Akbar is one of the most unique and kindhearted people I have ever met.

I love to work at Exleys and what I think makes us special is that we are almost like a family who grew together to be bigger, wiser and better…

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